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Saptha knows the advantages of using a thin client and thus making computation efficient and avoiding under usage of any PC or a machine when more number of people are involved in using it.

Stand Alone Features

  • A Hardware/Software that runs application on a server, not on the thin client machine.
  • Key strokes and mouse click are sent over network to the server to process and give back the result (screen).
  • Clients can be a low powered PC or a Thin client device.
  • They Donít Have HDD, FDD, CDROMS, Cooling Fans, Very Low Processing Power.
Advantages of Thin Client
  • Decreases IT Cost By 80% through Reduced Staff and Centralized Software Management. (Does not Crash, NO Help DESK)
  • Greatly Simplifies The Software Upgrade Over The Network.
  • Eliminates The Hardware Upgrades On Client Side.
  • Increases End User Productivity. (Limited Access To Authorized Applications & Storage)
  • Increased Life Time Of Client. (NO Moving Part ,Less Power Usage)
  • Provides Higher Security. (Authentication, virus protection, data on server, theft).
  • No Access to HDD, CD-ROMS. (Avoids Downloads, installations, Junk Data on to the HDD)
  • Thin Clients Are Virus Proof. (Since No OS And HDD Resides On It)
  • Reduced Power Consumption.
  • Centralized Backup.

Major Thin Client technology DevelopersSun Microsystems, Wyse Technology, HP, Acer, Compaq, Dell, IBM, Gateway

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